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Gaineville Superfund Lawyers

6 Jun

Please check out this website;  the number to call for more information or to join the litigation is at the left top corner of the homepage.  If you decide to call, let the receptionist know you’re calling from Gainesville, FL, and ask for Stephen Murakami.  I respect and trust these attorneys based on what I know of them as well as the advice they’ve given so far.  A site doesn’t get superfund status without earning it, and the offsite contamination and resulting health issue here is real and much more serious and widespread than our government agencies, local media and Beazer Corp. let on.  Toxins have been found in the northeast neighborhoods at levels as high as those found immediately west of Koppers.  We need to protect ourselves and our families!  I’m becoming fond of pointing out that environmental justice is a right, not a privilege…