Sandra Watts Kennedy Koppers Superfund Gainesville city commission meeting 6-2-11

8 Jun

Sandra Watts Kennedy on  Koppers Superfund at  Gainesville city commission meeting 6-2-11 speaks out about Koppers Superfund effects of our drinking water for Gainesville and ALL of Florida.

Koppers Superfund Site is in Gainesville, Florida.
If you live within 2 miles of the site you are affected. Get the facts! For 93 years, a company known as Koppers, Inc. has operated a 90-acre industrial facility at 200 NW 23rd Ave. in Gainesville, Florida. The area is now ranked as one of the nation’s top-100 polluted sites. In 1983, it was declared by the Environmental Protection Agency to be a Superfund site – a place so heavily polluted with toxic waste that it poses a threat to human health and the environment.

For decades, Koppers has released industrial toxins into Gainesville’s air, water and soil, including arsenic, hexavalent chromium, creosote and dioxins. Combined, these chemicals can cause cancer, rare diseases, changes in DNA and birth defects.

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