County writes Obama on Koppers Superfund Gainesville Florida

9 Jun

County writes Obama on Koppers

June 9th, 2011 03:37pm

by Chris Curry

Following through on a move they voted to make last month, Alachua County commissioners have penned a letter to President Barack Obama pleading for aid in moving along and expanding the scope of the clean-up of the Koppers Superfund site

“For approximately thirty years (yes, 30 years!) the individuals and families living near this facility have been waiting for a corrective solution from the federal government to clean up this toxic area, ” the letter reads. “Consequently, the wait has allowed a toxic plume to move closer increasing the threat to our municipal water supply.”

The letter expresses the local sentiment that the Environmental Protection Agency’s remediation plan does not do enough:

“Recently, EPA issued its much anticipated Record of Decision (ROD) detailing the plan to clean up the superfund site. Both the Alachua County and City of Gainesville Commissions believed the plan was inadequate, especially when EPA’s mission is to protect the safety and well being of the citizens of the United States. Because we apparently have no more input into the plan for cleaning up the site, we seek your assistance in helping the people in the homes surrounding the Kopper’s plant.”

It seeks the following moves:

– the delineation of the offsite dioxin contamination surrounding the superfund site, including the extent of soil and indoor dust contamination in all potentially affected properties;
– immediate action to provide temporary and permanent relocation of affected residents; and
– analysis by the CDC of the field data to determine and resolve the uncertainties of potential health effects as a result of exposure to dioxin in the area.

And it wraps up like this:

“Mr. President, I cannot even imagine the number of overwhelming issues you must consider daily, but this environmental threat merits your consideration. The people affected by this superfund site are your people and they currently feel let down by their government as a result of the EPA’s ROD. Please help restore their faith in their elected officials.”

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