Buyer Beware- Auction on Gainesville’s Superfund Site

24 Jun

by Kristin Giannas – June 23rd 2011 11:27pm

It’s the law– home sellers are supposed to disclose any hazards to their property.The auctioneers selling properties in Gainesville Thursday– say that information was available on their website, but that doesn’t mean all potential buyers looked past the pictures.
“I didn’t even know what they were protesting, do you have any idea,” said Keith Ingersoll of Orlando, who was attracted by the “income producing” residential real estate auction, and so were protesters.
“I don’t know if they’re aware or not– but we just want to make sure that their investment is not going to be a sound investment,” said Maria Parsons, a protester with the Stephen Foster Neighborhood Association Inc.
The two parcels up for grabs, sit beside the Cabot Koppers superfund site. Something protester Maria Parsons says, realtors haven’t been disclosing.
“Renters are demanding that they will be let out of their leases…they have complained before the county and the city,” she said.
The man with the mic says buyers are getting rent producing properties.
“We’ve disclosed everything we can find,” said auctioneer Karlin Daniel. All paperwork he said, has been available on his website and posted outside the door of parcel
“The superfund is not a big issue as I see it,” he said.

But it is a big deal to the 15 Gainesville residents protesting.
“I’m going to look more into what the superfund site is now that you’ve brought that to our attention…I’m actually going to speak to some of those protesters, figure out what they’re protesting,” said Ingersoll.

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