Residents Reject FDOH Junk Science And Reiterate Demand For Long-Awaited Permanent Relocation Out Of Dioxin-Contaminated Homes

15 Jul

Dear Chair Pinkoson and Alachua County Commissioners,

I write on behalf of the multitudes of residents whose lives have been detrimentally impacted by Koppers contamination, and want to ensure that this statement is placed firmly in the Public Record. It will be, since I am emailing this within the Public Record as well as copying it to various parties for their information and files.

Gainesville residents would like to thank the Alachua County Commission for their recent efforts to protect our families from the toxic health effects of the Cabot/Koppers Superfund Site.  We especially appreciate your June 17th, 2011 letter to President Obama requesting federal intervention in order to expedite the immediate relocation of affected residents from our dangerously contaminated homes.  Your compassionate actions on our behalf stand in sharp contrast beside the misinformation campaign being waged by Anthony Dennis and the Florida Department of Health, who, having NEVER conducted an actual health study, and having NEVER, I repeat NEVER, conducted any health consultations with affected residents in the nearly 30 years that Cabot/Koppers has worn the Superfund designation, NOW glibly, negligently proclaim that “There is no evidence to suggest neighbors of the Cabot-Koppers Superfund site in Gainesville are at an increased risk of developing cancer.” 

This untruthful, devious proclamation prompts residents to ask whose interests Mr. Dennis and FDOH truly represent.

We, the immediately affected, reject this ill-conceived and coldblooded attempt at damage control in all of its parts:

1.  The attempt to pass off the review of old, notoriously inaccurate census data as a genuine “health study”.

2.  The citing of non-existent health consultations as “evidence”.

3.  Dennis’ and FDOH’s deliberate, irresponsible saturation of local media with lies and manipulated data.

4.  Their convenient failure to address any of the variety of other maladies prevalent in our neighborhoods that are known to result from toxic exposure, such as immune system impairment, respiratory problems, thyroid conditions, ms, lupus, chloracne, persistent headaches and bloody noses, phantom itch, birth defects, stillbirths, miscarriages-  a heartbreaking list too long to name in full here.

The census review being paraded before the public as a “health study” is nothing more than JUNK SCIENCE- and a transparent attempt to excuse FDOH and Mr. Dennis for decades of failure to protect residents from exposure to Koppers toxins.  To wage a propaganda campaign on the uncounted graves of the victims of the state’s inaction will never be acceptable to the families of the many who have died, the many who are presently ill and the many more that will die.

We, the immediately affected, will NOT BACK DOWN on our DEMAND for permanent relocation out of harm’s way and our dioxin-contaminated homes.


Sandra Watts Kennedy

President, Stephen Foster Neighborhood Association, Incorporated

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