Newly add comment to “Your Voices” Page regarding Koppers/Beazer East Superfund Gainesville, Florida

28 Sep

I’ve lived 30m from the boundary fence for over 15yr in one of the most-affected areas… I have never been informed of any issue, except by Maria Parsons’ efforts to mount a class-action lawsuit to address our health concerns in 2009. I’ve followed every bit of information I’ve been given, called every phone number, etc. Yet, I cannot even get on a mailing list nor call list: every scant piece of [non-]information I’ve received has just been left on my doorstep by the Dept of Health. My yard was marked for sampling, but no sampling was ever done. Some party did mail notification to my landlady, at the wrong address, telling about intended sampling that was never done. Now I see there is a “competing” activist group trying to speak for me, in theory, yet none of them wants to speak to me in person. I think I’ve managed to identify the group (this one) that is actually trying to help affected people, rather than the more high-profile group that is taking all available grant money and paying it back to themselves. Thank you, Maria and fellow residents of the neighborhood, for being true advocates. This is such a serious issue; I am now sick with cancer; it makes me even more sick that the issue is being split up by a community that should be working together. Also, I know that the DoH “health study” is nothing but an insulting, dangerous ruse because DoH has never asked me about my health status, even though I called them begging to give my input.

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