Koppers/Beazer East Superfund Gainesville, Florida Gainesville City Commission Meeting- November 17, 2011- Citizen Comment – Roy Geiersbach

19 Nov

Gainesville City Commission Meeting- November 17, 2011- Citizen Comment
My name is Roy Geiersbach.  I and other residents have requested water samples for independent testing because, as we all know, GRU does not test for the Koppers contamination.  Only Koppers/Beazer does the testing for the ongoing chemical contamination of the source of our drinking water.
According to GRU’s Rick Hutton, the city does not have the rights to its own water supply!  Only Koppers/Beazer can grant our request.  Since you are denying our request for independent testing of our water, I would like to know:  When did you give exclusive water rights to Koppers/Beazer?
I also want to know where and when did the public hearing for this gifting or sale take place?
The whole city has been MIA for the last 29 years and not protected its citizens.  You all continue to perpetrate the sham of a “cleanup” to keep the citizens in the dark concerning the lethal nature of the contamination of Gainesville and its drinking water source.
So all of you are aiding and abetting Koppers/Beazer to commit its legalized murders of the citizens of Gainesville while you keep the entire city in the dark.  The corporate criminals are the ones testing our water and you deny us independent testing.
How long have all of you been on Beazer’s payroll?
And then to add more insult to injury, you give grants to people and groups who do not represent the immediately affected dying individuals, families, and children!  These grants are for feel-good Koppers art.  Protest art and artists are not invited or allowed to participate.
You are appalling and disgusting, and by the way, these are very nice words for what you are doing and have done to protect the people who elected you!
For almost 30 years we have jumped through hoops and gone to all the dog and pony shows, and you have done NOTHING for us.  And, by the way, we don’t want any more dog and pony shows, fuzzy math, made-up numbers, or made-up science.
What we want is permanent relocation out of our toxic homes and neighborhoods.
To repeat what I said to the county, you all need to be in jail for these criminal acts, and I am still demanding a Federal Criminal Investigation.  We have suffered enough.  After the investigation, I’ll visit you in the slammer.
Roy Geiersbach- Resident, Stephen Foster Neighborhood

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