Koppers/Beazer East Superfund, Gainesville, Florida Farinda Osteen Gainesville City Commission Meeting November 17, 2011 Citizen Comment

22 Nov

My family and I are Koppers Victims.  I have lost many members of my family to multiple cancers and illnesses related to the Koppers chemical contamination.  All my five children were born with birth defects such as deformed limbs or missing organs, a missing part of the brain, a lung, stomach, a kidney,  and with neurological damage- in total over 20 members of my family have died from cancers or their health is severely impaired because of the Koppers Contamination.

As you can see I’m also suffering from the Koppers contamination and my health is getting worse every day. I have been testifying for decades about the fact that the Koppers contamination has been and still is killing us.  We are sick and dying here in Gainesville because of the Koppers Superfund Site.

The much needed relocation that we have been asking, pleading and begging for has been denied to us.  After almost 30 years it looks like I too will suffer the same fate as many of my family members and neighbors because our government has failed residents of the City of Gainesville.

While other Superfund Sites get their relocation and environmental justice we are left to die.  And even worse our own City government is engaging in illegal tactics and violations of its own laws to victimize us further.

With no notice you trespassed: my land has been illegally taken and gifted to Koppers and Beazer.  Once again with no notice, you put up a fence and to date continue to trespass my property whenever you please to do whatever you want as if no one lives there and the property is yours.


You have already taken my property and it is obvious by all the harassments you inflict on me on a regular basis that you don’t want me there.  Well I don’t want to be there either. You do whatever you want there whenever you want, so pay me the full price of my property so that I can move.

City Officials have no respect or consideration for residents.  Laws in this City are used only against defenseless citizens: the disabled, the terminally ill, and especially Koppers Victims.  If you are not rich and connected, the City of Gainesville will go after you.

You are guilty of human and civil rights violations against your own citizens- this City is not protecting its citizens. Instead you are victimizing us even more than we already are.

Your actions are shameful and disgusting- I never thought that I would be treated in this way here in the United States of America!  I come from a long line of US MARINES that have shed blood and died for this country; my family has donated hundreds of acres for cemeteries and other community needs in Gainesville and Alachua County. For you to treat me like this when I’m disabled on a fixed income, I consider your actions to be criminal acts against humanity.  Therefore, I am also calling for a Federal Criminal Investigation.

Farinda Osteen

November 17, 2011

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