Koppers Superfund Site Litigation Team answers Class Action Member questions about how to respond to requests relating to the Koppers Superfund Class Action:

27 Apr

If members of the Class Action are contacted by the EPA or any other agencies, groups or individuals asking for permission to collect soil or dust samples, to participate in studies or surveys, or to complete questionnaires of any kind, or are contacted by the press, please observe the following:

Inform whomever that you are represented by counsel on all such matters and that your attorney’s name is: Stephen David Murakami, Esq., whose number is: (516) 398-7776.

Take any Authorization form or letter and send it to Mr. Murakami by fax: (646) 417-5599 or by email attachment: smurakami@nyc.rr.com.  The attorneys need to review this so they can understand exactly who is asking for such permission and whom they can call to make further inquiry in order to advise you to permit access or otherwise decline to participate.

If you are contacted by telephone, take the name and telephone number of the person calling you and send this information to Mr. Murakami by fax or email.

If you’ve already given permission for sampling, participated in a survey or study, or completed any questionnaire, send a copy of the Authorization form you signed.  If at all possible, take photos or a video recording of the sampling/polling person or team.  Note the name of the company and person asking to collect the sample(s) or data.   You have every right to do this on your own property and if they object, advise them that your permission is withdrawn.  Send your photos, video or audio recording to Stephen Murakami, or be sure to keep the recording until such time that you are able to forward this to the attorneys.

The attorneys will try to get back to you as soon as possible with a recommendation one way or another.

If you have not signed a Retainer Agreement, call or email Mr. Murakami and request a Retainer Agreement in order to retain the Class Action attorneys & firms.  Include your name, address and telephone number where you can be contacted.

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