About KoppersBeazer East Superfund Gainesville, Florida

Our Mission:

To bring attention to the ongoing contamination of the Floridan Aquifer by the Cabot-Koppers/Beazer East Superfund Site located in Gainesville, Florida, and to warn of the “Clear and Present Danger” this contamination poses to all of North Central Florida’s drinking water.

To give a voice to generations of past and current residents and their testimonies of many cancers, other catastrophic illnesses, and the loss of family members and pets all due to exposure to the toxic chemicals emanating from the Cabot-Koppers/Beazer East Site in the heart of Gainesville, home to the University of Florida and the Gator Nation.

Caution:  Gainesville residents, visitors, and those considering residency, please be aware that our city is dangerously polluted!  While receiving only inadequate and intermittant publicity over the years, the federally designated Cabot-Koppers/Beazer East Site has been steadily and cumulatively chemically polluting Gainesville to the point where the consequences of this toxicity can no longer be ignored, having become a serious threat to the future of Gainesville itself as a safe and pleasant place in which to live, be educated, and conduct business.

Situated just northwest of downtown, the Cabot-Koppers/Beazer East Site was established in 1916 as a chemical wood treatment facility using the highly carcinogenic coal tar derivative creosote to treat telegraph poles and railroad ties.  As decades passed, telegraph poles were replaced by telephone poles, and  creosote was replaced by an even more deadly chemical cocktail: chromated copper arsenate, better known as CCA.  Teratogenic and mutagenic as well as carcinogenic, CCA is now officially recognized as a major danger to public health by the US federal government.

At present, toxic chemicals such as arsenic, creosote, dioxins and  many other contaminants from Cabot-Koppers/Beazer East are percolating into the Floridan Aquifer, which is the water source not only for Gainesville, but for all of North Central Florida.  These chemicals constantly drain into the aquifer via a natural creek system that directly receives discharges of toxic water from the Koppers Site.  Arsenic was discovered in the aquifer underneath the Cabot-Koppers/Beazer East Site in 2003 at 30 parts per billion, which is three times the current Federal standard. Link  to Document Click Here  Recently, in spite of the fact that it violates the Clean Water Act, Florida DEP granted a permit to Koppers/Beazer enabling the polluter to legally discharge storm water into our creek systems, contaminating private properties along the way to the Haile Sink, which directly feeds into the Floridan Aquifer, the source of our drinking water.  Link  to Document Click Here  And while Koppers ceased operations on the property in early 2010, its sister-company Beazer East began conducting ongoing activity including demolition and digging onsite in October, and is sending clouds of dioxin-laden dust through Gainesville’s neighborhoods.

Deadly dioxin has been officially recognized as yet another major local pollutant, and presents a dire threat to the health of ALL Gainesville citizens, including University of Florida students, since UF lies only two miles from the Superfund Site.

Tests showing over 2 mile radius: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=1dob8wE-SiGH8psce9pmvZ65W4c069DYquAbarATbuFTvsXLxG12X7ASMuMVu&hl=en_US

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