Dr. Vito Ilacqua, former Professor with the University of Florida’s College of Health Professions Environmental Health Program (currently with the US EPA) made important recommendations to residents of homes in the area of Koppers’ industrial wood treatment site. He advised residents to “move away, right away”; to leave their contaminated belongings behind them, so as not to contaminate their new dwellings (i.e. everything inside their homes!)

When asked in 2010, Dr. Ilacqua and other experts suggested that affected families who could not afford to move away from their daily exposure to Koppers’ complex cocktail of chemical contaminants “MIGHT” reduce their level of exposure by:

  • Always wear shoes; don’t walk barefoot inside of your house or out of doors.
  • Wash all clothing 3 to 4 times between uses.
  • Never let your babies or children come in contact with floors without first placing a blanket, towel or sheet beneath them. Once the blanket, towel or sheet comes in contact with contaminated areas it becomes contaminated and must be washed at least 3 to 4 times before reuse.
  • When dusting, always wear a carbon mask and long gloves and use a damp cloth.  Dust only at eye level; try not to disturb dust above or below eye level.  After dusting, your dusting cloth is contaminated and must be disposed of as toxic waste.
  • Buy a Hepa Filter vacuum cleaner that has the sealed bags. Do not use open canister vacuum cleaners. Carpets are magnets for contamination. Hard floors are best.  Never use a dry cloth or mop on your hard floors, always use a damp mop when cleaning.  Remember when disposing of your mop head that it is toxic waste.
  • If you have an indoor/outdoor pet, every time your pet goes outside he must be bathed before you let him back in.  Make sure that your pet is not re-contaminated by walking on contaminated ground before he comes into your house. You must not touch your pets, including indoor pets, because they come in contact with the contaminated dust in your home as walk, rub and lay around inside your house.
  • Do not touch soil, dust or water in your yard. If you do, make sure you wash yourself right away. When landscaping or mowing your lawn, wear a carbon mask, long sleeves, long pants and gloves. Remove all clothing and shoes before entering your home.  Wash clothing 3 to 4 times between using again.
  • Do not eat fruits or vegetables grown in your contaminated yard.

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